About Us

Audubon Fathers’ Association has been serving our community since 1926. An active group

of men in town have been focused on help our community through community service

projects and support for youth and educational programs in Audubon.

We organize four popular events in Audubon: Comedy Night; Mother/Son Ice Cream Social;

Daddy/Daughter Dance; and the Audubon Family Crab and Pork Fest.

In 2018, our volunteer organization’s community support totaled $2,500 in scholarships and

over $2,100 in sponsorships and donations. Over the last several years we have invested over

$13,000 to our schools for technology.

Audubon Fathers, Association Officers


John Pursglove

Vice President

Mike Sullivan


Mike Waldron

Financial Secretary

Bill Badaracca

Recording Secretary

Ward Munn

Corresponding Secretary

John Daly

Past Presidents

John Tole

Larry Frockowiak

Todd Schill

Robert Jakubowski

Dan Boyle

Jay Stillman

Jack Coyle

Ray Adamson